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Download Sketch Camera – Photo Editor Apk v1.33

Sketch Camera – Photo Editor

Pixelab is the developer of the Sketch Camera – Photo Editor app. There is a good app developer and develop the app of Sketch Camera current version is 1.33. The update the version of Sketch Camera on the app store, Google store, or apk on June 4, 2021. The Sketch Camera is basically a video Editor app you will edit any photo with the help of the Sketch Camera.

Sketch Camera - photo editor

The first problem is creating with the photo editor is the photo result or that result will like the other people will see that photo in the Mobile is unique. The Sketch Camera only for Android is 5.0 + on Google play or Apk. Sketch Camera app gives a good template format that will give a better result for your Photo.

Sketch Camera - photo editor

The photo will use on social media for your profile photo. The photo was unique from the other people or app editing and give the size is according to the Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or the Pinterest profile.

If you will make the photo according to a situation like sad, happiness or enjoy the moment then Sketch Camera help to make the photo according to the situation with the good result of photo and get likes on the social media friends is increased easily.

Sketch Camera - photo editor

Sketch cam plus is the photo editor at the advanced level or the features. If you are the photo Editor then use the Sketch Camera to Edit any photo with a low result and give the high result of photo with the quality print by editing the photo through the Sketch Camera.

Operation of the Sketch Camera – Photo Editor

  1. First of all, go on Google then download the app through the Google app play store or the Apk.
  2. Install in the Mobile and allow the photo or camera from your gallery.
  3. Go on the Mobile app click on the editing option then add the photo take from the gallery Edit that Photo in any format like Png, jpg.
  4. Select the size of your photo according to the Mobile screen
    Key features
  5. Only use in the 5.0 + Android Mobile
  6. Change photo from the basic level to the advanced level
  7. Available on the Google store or the AK is a 100% original shape.
  8. The available on the Play Store or the Google ApK is totally free of cost.
  9. Graphic features are available at the advanced level in the cam plus
Sketch Camera - Photo Editor


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